There seems to be no shortage of opinions on Millennials and civic life. Most of it is concerned about whether something is wrong with Millennials or the civic actors who seek to engage them. Do they care about public affairs, or are they too self-absorbed? Are today’s public institutions simply too out of sync with the way Millennials experience the world and understand pathways to social change?

Some of our readers may recall that we have been exploring these issues through the lens of technology. Specifically, we have been working with the City and County of Louisville to develop a piece of technology intended to improve engagement between Louisville and young adults around long-term planning. Through this project, we are aiming to better understand: What role can technology play in engaging young people from disadvantaged communities in civic life, and in deepening the relationship between local governments and low-income communities more broadly?

As part of this process, we recently spent two days in Louisville talking and testing “paper prototypes” sketching out an initial product concept with young adults living in the city’s West End.

I’ve used Storify to narrate and illustrate our learnings from this visit. Click here to see more.