For the second year, the Living Cities Catalyst Fund has been selected for the ImpactAssets 50 2012 – an open-source, publicly published database of experienced
private debt and equity investment fund managers. ImpactAssets 50 helps introduce traditional investors and their financial advisors to the potential of impact investing. We are excited to be included and look forward to demonstrating how impact investing in the US can improve the lives of low income people and communities.

The Catalyst Fund, a $35 million domestic impact investment vehicle launched in 2008, uses below market-rate flexible capital from socially motivated investors to achieve both financial and social returns by investing in the development of healthy, sustainable communities and the creation of economic opportunity. The Fund is designed to advance and complement the Living Cities agenda which understands that capital innovation is a critical component of changing the systems that affect low-income communities.

To date, the Catalyst Fund has invested $23 million in 10 transactions in the areas of
transit-oriented development, energy efficiency, fresh food financing and neighborhood revitalization. For more details on the Fund, please see our 2011 Annual Report.

We are eager to share our experiences with the field. We will soon be releasing our first ImpactAssets Issue Brief, which explores the potential for greater coordination between impact investments and grants to increase the flow of capital to the critical social and environmental issues confronting our world today.

We are grateful for the support of our investors and the work and contributions from our staff and members. Our special thanks to Frank DeGiovanni, Chair of the Catalyst Fund’s Advisory Board and the members of our Credit Committees: Michael Rhodes, JPMorgan Chase; Allison Clark, MacArthur Foundation; Kimberlee Cornett, Kresge Foundation; Christine Looney, Ford Foundation; Dennis White, The MetLife Foundation and Ben Hecht from Living Cities for their wise counsel and dedicated service.

For more information, please refer to the official Press Release.