Living Cities needs your vote! If you believe that the time for large-scale, fundamental change is now, then head over to the 2013 SXSW PanelPicker to vote for our session idea, \“ Disruptive Establishment: Shaking up the Status Quo.\” While social innovation is most often applied to a single product or service, the Disruptive Establishment takes a systems innovation approach, acknowledging that our current ways of solving seemingly intractable problems are broken & unable to address complexity. The Disruptive Establishment is about creating a new, adaptive network of institutions and actors dedicated to solving for the whole rather than just a piece of the problem.

_ Session Overview: _
What would you rather do - fix one failing high school in a city, or fix the entire regional education system that limits opportunity for hundreds of thousands of students? Too often great social innovations remain restricted to the “tyranny of the project,” delivering results at the individual level rather than the population level, because they work around rather than with the major institutions needed to move innovation from the periphery to the mainstream. The disruptive establishment seeks to make innovation the norm rather than the exception by bringing together leaders who understand that we’re all at the root of some of our most complex social problems & so must all be a part of the solution.

In this session, we’ll show how 22 of the world’s leading foundations & financial institutions - including Ford, Gates, Rockefeller, Knight, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase & Co, and MetLife - have jointly spent over $1 billion of philanthropic & private capital to challenge obsolete approaches & disrupt the status quo.