Welcome to the second issue of At the Table: Ideas and Insights from Living Cities’ Integration Initiative! In our first issue of At the Table, we explored how to change the “culture of problem solving” for communities tackling complex problems, shared conversations with key stakeholders in the sites, and explored a new frame for developing small business strategies.

We’re excited to keep the conversation going through the latest issue of At the Table. In this issue, we share our latest learnings around anchors institutions’ roles in local economies, offer insights from Newark’s implementation of the “one table approach,” and reflect on what The Integration Initiative’s formative evaluation is teaching us about this work.

These pieces reflect thinking during specific points in time in the midst of complex multi-year work. We invite you to join the conversation and hope you’ll share your own insights and ideas by commenting on the blog (www.livingcities.org/blog), posting a comment on Twitter @TII_LC or #TIILC or emailing the Living Cities team-we’ve included an email address with each article.

Thanks for your interest in The Integration Initiative. We look forward to learning with you!