Are you overwhelmed when trying to find tools and resources that best address your needs? The new #HereAndNow Toolbox, a searchable hub for practitioners, makes finding the right tool easy.

The Collective Impact #ToolBox is a series of blogs featuring simple, practical tools that members of cross-sector partnerships can use to support their day to day work.

Our partners are always looking for tools and resources that allow them to work better and faster. Learning from others, and not always reinventing the wheel, is a key element of a new urban practice after all. Yet, we constantly hear that, although our partners know there are tons of tools out there that could be extremely useful in their work, it can be overwhelming and time consuming to track them down, let alone figure out which ones will be most useful.

Our partners' desire and need for more easily accessible tools and resources was a primary reason for launching the Collective Impact #ToolBox blog series. At the same time, Living Cities also built an online hub for practitioners to access some of the best tools out there. Earlier this year, we launched a formalized, more comprehensive resource, the #HereAndNow Toolbox, that houses an ever growing set of recommended practitioner tools for creating a new urban practice. The tools are cataloged and searchable by topic area and keywords so that users can easily and efficiently find the best tools for the problem they are looking to address. For topic areas that are are common challenges for our partners, we curated toolkits based on our experience and recommendations from across our network.

Use the links below to check our the tools and toolkits. We’ll be updating and adding to the #HereAndNow Toolbox regularly, so let us know what you think. What tools have you found useful that seem to be missing?