A suite of free resources from Living Cities can help you improve the work of your cross-sector partnership in the New Year.

New Years is a time for resolutions and improvement–eating better, going to the gym more, maybe even trying out that yoga mat that’s been in the back of your closet since before you can remember. But have you ever thought about creating a New Year’s resolution to improve your cross-sector partnership? While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, we’ve found that periodic reflection on how your cross-sector partnership is working is essential to a partnership’s success.

We developed the free Cross-Sector Partnership Assessment to help you think about and achieve your cross-sector partnership New Year’s resolution. The 10-minute survey helps those engaged in cross-sector partnerships think through the development and progress of their partnership and provides immediate, tailored feedback, tools and resources to help partners get better results, faster. Since we released it in November, over 500 people have received customized feedback about their cross-sector partnership.

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Tools and Resources

We also know that changing the behavior of a cross-sector partnership is hard, so we’ve developed a suite of tools to supplement the feedback you’ll receive once you complete the Assessment. From a discussion guide to help you talk about the feedback with your partners, to a guide to designing a shared result that creates enduring change, to an exercise that helps you rethink the composition of your cross-sector partnership, these additional resources can help you implement the feedback you receive from the Assessment.

We hope the Cross-Sector Partnership Assessment and the supporting resources below will help you set your cross-sector partnership resolution and achieve it–with time to spare!

Resource Document: Cross-Sector Partnership Assessment Group Planning and Discussion Guide
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Resource Document: Four Components of a Shared Result that Creates Enduring Change
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  • Wedding Seating Chart Exercise: This short and simple exercise is designed to help cross-sector partnerships think through who they should be engaging, and in what ways, in order to achieve their shared result.
Resource Document: Wedding Seating Chart Exercise
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Resource Document: Action Commitment Exercise
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