Living Cities is an innovative philanthropic collaborative of the world’s largest foundations and financial institutions working together to dramatically improve the economic well-being of low-income people in cities.

One of Living Cities’ unique strengths is the broad participation by our Board of Directors and staff from our member institutions in shaping and advancing our work. We innovate, invest and lead by blending and deploying the collective financial resources, knowledge, and experience of our members.

Our member institutions are 18 of the world’s largest foundations and financial institutions:

Living Cities Member Convenings

A senior executive from each of our member institutions sits on our Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is Living Cities’ governing body, with responsibilities for all decisions about strategies, priorities, and funding. And, to help ensure that our work fully harnesses the most up-to-date knowledge and experiences of our member institutions, staff from across the twenty two institutions participate on learning and advisory committees focused on our core areas of work: Collective Impact, Capital Innovation, Public Sector Innovation, and Evaluation.

Financial involvement from our member institutions takes several forms:

  • Each member institution contributes general operating support to a “blind pool” that underwrites the plan of work approved by the Board of Directors every three years

  • Individual member institutions may decide to make additional targeted or restricted grants to support specific work or projects that align with or further their work.

  • Members may participate in the Catalyst Fund by providing loans that are combined with loans from other Living Cities members to enable the creative use of debt to further program activities and leverage grant and private sector loan funds.

  • Members may make loans directly to partners on the ground in support of Living Cities’ programmatic priorities

Through participating in Living Cities, our member institutions are able to engage, collaborate, and co-create in meaningful and impactful ways across issues that are central to our shared goal of dramatically improving the lives of low-income people and the cities where they live.