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Founded in 1991, Living Cities harnesses the collective power of 22 of the world’s largest foundations and financial institutions to build a new type of urban practice. Together, we are working with cross-sector leaders in cities to develop and scale new approaches to dramatically improve the economic well-being of low-income people. Our investments, research, networks, and convenings catalyze fresh thinking and combine support for innovative, comprehensive, local approaches with real-time sharing of knowledge to accelerate and deepen adoption in more places.

Our members are not simply funders. They shape our work and priorities by participating on the Living Cities Board of Directors and four standing committees.

To learn more about our work and impact, check out our annual reports:

  • Our 2017 annual report, ‘C.A.R.E. : Conversations about Racial Equity’ is a multimedia exploration of how staff individually, as well as the organization as a whole, worked deliberately and with ongoing dedication to build our racial equity competencies. This work, which is an ongoing process, is in service of personal and professional growth and with a focus on the results we want to see in the world: that all people in U.S. cities are economically secure and building wealth.

  • Our 2016 annual report, ‘Race Us: Movement Toward Closing the Gaps’ was both a response to the current moment in America, and our pivot as an organization to situate racial equity at the center of our work. In our 25th year, we reflected on the reality that race-neutral ways of working have not achieved results at the speed or scale that we are after. This collection of essays from staff and partners captures the ways that these conversations have influenced our work over the past year.

  • Our 2015 annual report microsite, ‘#HereAndNow’ was built off of the biggest lesson that we learned through our New Urban Practice summit and open-sourced annual report the previous year: that many of the solutions needed to tackle the problems that low-income people face—in education, jobs, and elsewhere—are already being developed and tested around the country. Therefore, we focused our 2015 annual report around the need to spread and scale what works. The Report brings together a host of practical tools and resources—some from Living Cities, some from our partners—that anyone can use to disrupt the status quo and double down on what works.

  • Our 2014 annual report microsite, ‘#NewUrbanPractice’ took a different approach to an annual report–asking other leaders at the cutting edge of social change efforts to share what they think are the most promising solutions that have the potential to be key elements of a #NewUrbanPractice aimed at getting dramatically better results for low income people, faster. We include an exciting diversity of those responses in this report. Traditionally, an annual report speaks to the mission, promise and impact of an organization. But, our success is inextricably tied to the efforts of our partners: our members, our grantees, our collaborators, those who engage with us on social media, and so many other like-minded leaders and institutions working to create a better tomorrow. So, open sourcing our annual report felt true to who we are and where we want to go. It also gave us a window into what to pay attention to in 2015 and beyond.

  • Our 2013 annual report microsite, ‘Disrupting Inequality’, focuses on the ways that we are helping ambitious leaders in cities around the country to disrupt inequality - through new ways of working, focusing on outcomes, leveraging capital and working to accelerate the adoption and pace of needle moving change.

  • Our 2012 annual report microsite, ‘The Network Effect’, focuses on new, collaborative efforts seeking to achieve large scale, population-level impact and consistently greater shared prosperity. It underscores our commitment to helping bold leaders overcome the inadequate dogmas of the past and investing in the power of the network effect caused by them rising together.

  • In 2011, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our unique collaborative. In recognition, our 2011 annual report, ‘Dynamic Collaboration’, offers reflections on our work and its impact from some of our founders, current members, grantees, and others who have been touched by Living Cities.

Resource Document: Dynamic Collaboration: Reflections on Living Cities at 20
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  • Our 2010 Annual Report, New Normal, provides our perspective on what the public, private and philanthropic sector need to do together in this second decade of the 21st century to address the contemporary needs of U.S. cities.
Resource Document: Living Cities Annual Report 2010: New Normal
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  • Our 2009 Annual Report, Fuse, highlights how we have intentionally sought to serve as the spark for innovation when appropriate and as the glue for slower-going efforts designed to knit together disconnected fields such as housing, transportation and jobs.
Resource Document: Living Cities Annual Report 2009: Fuse
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  • Our 2008 Annual Report, Innovate, Invest, Lead, reflects on how we are working hard to ‘Innovate, Invest and Lead’ by identifying the ways that we can deploy all of our assets to “punch above our weight” and by influencing the way cities work and how people think about them.
Resource Document: Living Cities Annual Report 2008: Innovate, Invest, Lead
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