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Living Cities is investing in the expansion of an innovative education pipeline framework that strengthens and aligns a continuum of educational opportunities for every student, from cradle to career.

The Education Pipeline is an effort to remove barriers, generate true collaboration and coordination and require accountability among all stakeholders in the education system, preschool through college and beyond, in order to improve work readiness. Founded in 2006, Strive, in Cincinnati, Ohio – Northern Kentucky region, was the first initiative to build out this approach at scale.

In April 2009, Living Cities announced an investment of nearly $1 million to share Strive’s approach in three other metropolitan regions: Houston, Texas; Oakland, California; and Richmond, Virginia; Portland, Oregon adopted the Strive model in 2010. More recently, with Living Cities’ support, Strive launched its national Cradle to Career Network, which will aid local leaders around the country seeking to use the Strive framework in their own communities. With the support of the Network, participating cities hope to move beyond a ‘business as usual’ approach to fundamentally transform their education systems.

Current Investments and Initiatives

Living Cities has invested over $700,000 since 2010 in Strive’s development from an innovative local education reform initiative into a national technical assistance provider and mentor to cities seeking to adopt its data-driven, Cradle to Career approach. For more information about Strive, click here.

Past Investments and Initiatives

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