Research & Development

Living Cities invests in Research and Development as part of its effort to identify successful strategies that can expand economic opportunity for low-income people. Our R&D efforts take place in four areas: Education, Green Economy, Asset building and Transit-Oriented Development.

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    Living Cities is investing in the expansion of an innovative education pipeline framework that strengthens and aligns a continuum of educational opportunities for every student, from cradle to career.

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    Living Cities believes that the emerging green economy can and must generate opportunities for low-income people and communities, from lower energy and transportation costs, to good jobs and careers.

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    Living Cities supports the Central Corridor Funders Collaborative, a group of local and national funders working with others to unlock the potential of the new light rail transit line along the Central Corridor between Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

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    Living Cities provides its members with a platform to align activities and advance policies and programs that help low-income families move from poverty to financial stability.