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Trends In Focus

Trends in Focus: Living Cities Members Forums bring our membership together to learn more about the new ideas and innovations beginning to take shape in cities across the country. By bringing forward leading practitioners in the field these forums enable greater information exchange and relationship building around timely and important urban trends. From harnessing technology for civic change to developing innovative municipal finance models, the Trend in Focus Series looks ahead to understand the promising approaches and models to unlocking metropolitan opportunity for all residents.

Upcoming Trends in Focus Series:
Technology & Civic Change
The work of Living Cities and its members is taking place at a time when technology and social networks are seemingly disrupting every aspect of how we live, work and play. Unfortunately, this has yet to spill over significantly to change the relationship between city residents and their government. The purpose of this event is to better understand promising examples that do exist for deploying technology to increase the capacity for civic engagement and collective problem-solving as well as to improve the delivery of products and services, for the benefit of low-income people. The event will allow us to collectively consider the implications of these significant technological changes for the work of Living Cities, its members, and the field. The event will bring leading thought leaders and practitioners from this important arena into active dialogue with Living Cities’ members.

Confirmed Panelists:
Nick Grossman, Managing Director, Civic Commons – Mr. Grossman directs a leading non-profit initiative that helps governments build and use shared and open technologies to improve citizen participation and public services.

Jennifer Pahlka, Founder and Executive Director, Code for America – Ms. Pahlka runs a leading non-profit working to place civic technologists in city halls around the country to help city governments connect more effectively with their constituents.

The event will also include participation from leading technology officials from cities that are at the forefront of this work.