The Integration Initiative


In October 2010, Living Cities announced the five sites chosen for The Integration Initiative. The sites which will be participating from 2011 to 2013 are: Baltimore, MD; Cleveland, OH; Detroit, MI; Newark, NJ and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN. In aggregate, the sites receive an investment of $85 million in grants, flexible debt, and commercial debt by Living Cities and its members. They also participate in an array of formal and informal partnership and knowledge exchange opportunities including one-on-one meetings, site visits, online collaboration tools, and cross-site convenings known as “Learning Communities.”

If you are a partner of a participating site log into The Integration Initiative Online Learning Community HERE

  • Baltimore Integration Partnership

    The Baltimore Integration Partnership in Baltimore, MD aims to reconnect low-income Baltimore City residents who are predominantly African-American to the regional economy; maximize the linkage between physical and human capital development; and reinvest in targeted inner-core neighborhoods so that they become regionally competitive, economically diverse, sustainable communities of choice.

    Image representing Baltimore
  • Greater University Circle Community Wealth Building Initiative

    The Greater University Circle Wealth Building Initiative in Cleveland, OH leverages the economic power of anchor institutions, along with the resources of philanthropy and government, to create economic opportunity, individual wealth, and strong communities for residents of the neighborhoods around University Circle and the Health-Tech Corridor in Cleveland.

    Image representing Cleveland
  • The Woodward Corridor Initiative

    The Woodward Corridor Initiative in Detroit, MI, seeks to connect and integrate place-based strategies along Detroit’s main thoroughfare to stabilize neighborhoods, increase investment, and attract new residents. Through public-private partnerships, the Initiative is demonstrating programs, financing, and policies needed to stimulate comprehensive urban change.

    Image representing Detroit
  • Strong Healthy Communities Initiative

    The Newark Integration Initiative in Newark, NJ will address the unhealthy conditions facing Newark’s low-income residents by coordinating information and investments to create healthy housing, schools, and food options in Newark’s communities with the goal of improving the economic and social well-being of the city.

    Image representing Newark
  • Corridors of Opportunity

    Corridors of Opportunity in Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN, seeks to build and develop a world-class regional transit system that advances economic development and ensures people of all incomes and backgrounds share in the resulting opportunities.

    Image representing Twin Cities